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Working Party

The famous Hadas Working Party resides in the basement, under Avenue House. Meeting regularly on Sunday mornings from 10.30 onwards, and occasionally Wednesday afternoons, they maintain the Hadas library, research and write reports, and have even been known to venture out to do field work. Please drop by and say hello, there is always a friendly face waiting to press gang passers-by into the Working Party by offering tea, coffee and, the occasional, biscuit. How can anyone refuse such temptation?

Contact the Working Party

The easiest way to find when and where the working part is, is to join our Google Group and send a message asking for details.

How to find us

The Basement is located under Avenue House, When the Working Party is in residence a Hadas sign will be posted outside (white flag optional). Avenue House is on East End Road, Church End, Finchley. N3 3QE