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11th October 2005

Palaeolithic Art: Soft curves & fuller figures – images of women in the art of the Old Stone Age

Jill Cook – British Museum

8th November 2005

The photography of small archaeological finds

Edwin Baker – Formally a photographer with the British Museum & MoLAS

10th January 2006

Conservation & Archaeology

Jon Finney – London Borough of Barnet

14th February 2006

The archaeology of Buddhism in Eastern India

Dr Robert Harding – Institute of Archaeology UCL

14th March 2006

Reinventing the Middle Ages: the Museum of London’s new Medieval London Gallery

Meriel Jeater – Assistant Curator, Dept. of Early London History and Collections MoL

11th April 2006

Maintaining order, fighting chaos: evidence for Egyptian warfare in the Petrie Museum

Kathryn Piquette – Institute of Archaeology UCL

9th May 2006

Kingsbury Old Church

Andy Agate

10th October 2006

The Queen of Sheba

Nadia Durrani – Assistant Editor, Current Archaeology

14th November 2006

South Mimms Castle - its history

Brian Warren – Hon Archivist, Potters Bar & District Historical Society

9th January 2007

British Post Box design & use – the first 150 years

Stephen Knight – Curator of the Colne Valley Postal Museum, Essex

13th February 2007

The end of Roman Britain – what ended, when & how?

Dr Andrew Gardner – lecturer in the archaeology of the Roman Empire, Institute of Archaeology UCL

13th March 2007

The London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (LAMAS) in the early days

Eileen Bowlt – LAMAS Chairman

10th April 2007

In the footsteps of the famous in High Barnet

Paul Baker – City of London guide


8th May 2007

Trams of North West London

David Berguer – Friern Barnet & District Local History Society Chairman and curatorial volunteer at the London Transport Museum

9th October 2007

Thomas Telford (1757-1834) 250th Anniversary lecture

Denis Smith – lecturer in Industrial Archaeology

13th November 2007

Mata Hari’s glass eye and other tales: a history of archaeology and aerial photography

Martyn Barber – English Heritage Aerial Survey

8th January 2008

The work of a Finds Liaison Officer

Kate Sutton - MoL

12th February 2008

The archaeology of Dorset – a time-torn landscape

Christopher Sparey-Green BA MIFA

11th March 2008

The work of the Churches Conservation Trust

Chloe Cockerill – Regional Development Manager

8th April 2008

Clifton Rocks Railway

Peter Davey – Bristol Tram Photograph Collection

13th May 2008

Finds from Roman London

Angela Wardle – MoLAS Finds Specialist

14th October 2008

Excavations at Prescot Street – E1

Chaz Morse – Project Officer, L-P Archaeology

11th November 2008

Bletchley Park: Enigma – how cracking the enemy codes led to the world’s first computer

Hugh Davies

13th January 2009

An exploration of the Western Desert of Egypt

Nicole Douek


10th February 2009

The building of the Underground

Tony Earle

10th March 2009

The Royal Gunpowder Mills

Richard Thomas

14th April 2009

An album of treasures

Ann Saunders

12th May 2009

The Guildhall Roman Amphitheatre

Francis Grew

13th October 2009

Excavations at St Martin in the Fields

Alison Telfer

10th November 2009

Bricks and Skeletons: St John the Evangelist 1632 Brick Church Ruin, Stanmore

Dr Freddie Hicks


12th January 2010

The Archaeology of Anglo-Jewry in London 1066-1290 and 1656-1850

Ken Marks

9th February 2010

The Trendles Project

William Cumber

9th March 2010

The History of RAF Bentley Priory

Erica Ferguson

13th April 2010

The Great Western Railway comes to the Thames Valley

John Chapman

11th May 2010

Graeco-Roman Period Funerary Practices in Egypt

John J Johnson

12th October 2010

Behind the scenes on Time Team

Raksha Dave

9th November 2010

Archaeology and the Olympics

David Divers

11th January 2011

Science as a tool to help understand London's archaeology

Jane Siddel

8th February 2011

The Roman Wooden Water Pump - an ingenious machine

Dr Richard Stein

8th March 2011

The archaeology of Baldock

Keith J Fitzpatrick-Matthews

12th April 2011

Bomb damage in London and Middlesex

Dr Robin Woolven

10th May 2011

The Markfield Beam Engine

Ken Brereton

11th October 2011

Silchester: the revelation of an Iron Age and Roman city


Dr John Creighton

8th November 2011

Thames Discovery Programme

Nathalie Cohen

10th January 2012

The Merchant Taylors’ Great Feast 1607

Ann Saunders

21st February 2012

The Medieval Cellars of Winchelsea

Richard Comotto

13th March 2012

It’s all in the bones

Jelena Bekvalac

10th April 2012

Conservation Techniques in Stone Masonry

Stephen Critchley

8th May 2012

Bumps, Bombs and Birds: the history and archaeology of RSPB reserves

Robin Standring

9th October 2012

The life and legacy of George Peabody

Christine Wagg

13th November 2012

Archaeological discoveries in Southwark

Peter Moore

8th January 2013

The Reign of Akhenaten

Lucia Gahlin

12th February 2013

From Logboat to Warrior: The evolution of the wooden ship

Eliott Wragg


12th March 2013

The Railway Heritage Trust

Andy Savage

9th April 2013

Nautical Archaeology – past, present and future

Eliott Wragg (replacement)

14th May 2013

10,000 years of history beneath your feet: the Bankside foreshore

Dr Fiona Haughey


8th October 2013

Brunel’s tunnel under the Thames

Robert Hulse

12th November 2013

Lions on Kunulua - excavations of Early Bronze and Iron Age periods at Tell Tayinat, Hatay, Turkey

Dr Fiona Haughey

14th January 2014

The Naval Graveyards of Greenwich

Malcolm Godfrey

11th February 2014

The Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon burial

Ian Blair (MOLA)

11th March 2014

The Sandridge Coin Hoard

David Thorold

8th April 2014

House Mill and its restoration

Brian James-Strong & Beverley Charters

13th May 2014

The Bishop’s Hunting Park in Highgate

Malcolm Stokes (HADAS member)

14th October 2014

Stepping into Britain: The early human occupation of northern Europe.

Nick Ashton (British Museum)

11th November 2014

A Hamlet in Hendon – the Church Terrace site from the Mesolithic to the 21st Century

Jacqui Pearce (MOLA)

13th January 2015

Late Roman fortifications in northern France and their social implications

James Bromwich

10th February 2015

An assorted history of Singapore: featuring the Mill Hill connections and the Five Foot Way

Rob Kayne

10th March 2015

Archaeology: some history, achievements and crises – going full circle

Robin Densem

14th April 2015

The former Inglis Barracks Mill Hill: a small dot on a very large landscape

Ian Cipin (PCA)

12th May 2015

The Knights Templar and their London Connections

Robert Stephenson

13th October 2015

Scientific methods in archaeology

Dr Caroline Cartwright

10th November 2015

History of the RNLI

Keith Cunningham

12th January 2016

The Royal Palaces of Enfield

Ian Jones

9th February 2016

Medieval Middlesex- the archaeological remains

Adam Corsini

8th March 2016

Crossrail Archaeological Project

Jay Carver

12th April 2016

In the lift to the beach: a visit to the Lundenwic waterfront

Douglas Killock

10th May 2016

Hadrian’s Wall: life on Rome’s northern frontier

Matt Symonds

11th October 2016

Women in Medieval London

Prof Caroline Barron

8th November 2016

From Londinium to Lundenburgh – the development of Anglo-Saxon London

Lyn Blackmore

10th January 2017

My Uncle, the Battle of Britain VC

James Nicolson

14th February 2017

London ceramics at the time of the Great Fire

Jacqui Pearce

14th March 2017

Bugging the Nazis the WW2: Trent Park’s Secret History

Dr Helen Fry

11th April 2017

Where Moses stood

Robert Feather

9th May 2017

The Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels

Hazel Forsyth